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Collaborative economics

We partake of a new revolution. The EU published the opinion “Collaborative or participatory consumption”: a model of sustainability for the twenty-first century:: “ the adult population, and the general public, through both search and participation in the collaborative or participatory consumption initiatives of which they are recipients, may develop a reactive action which also serves for their personal fulfilment by integration and contributes to social cohesion by collectively sharing the commons.”

Social enterprise

A company with social purposes, TRG GLOBAL MOBILITY SL, drives this project. Due to its nature, the statutes require allocate the benefits of trade to the following objectives:
– Hiring of migrants in their countries of origin
– Financing of projects developed by migrants
– Creation of social initiatives with migrants as protagonists
– Collaboration with other social initiatives

Tourism experience

In our project, we want to include travellers who not only visit a place but also look for feeling the beat of the place they go to. We are convinced that taking part in the same trip is the best way to meet, exchange, respect, understand and co-live. Is there any other reason to open our vehicles’ doors to tourists seeking these kinds of experiences? Through many shared kilometres; stories, interests, proposals and reasons in which the other will be the main protagonist will be emerged. Together in a vehicle, together in the world.

The world moves: GO. And it needs a lot of hospitality: Teranga.
This is why Teranga GO! was born