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Economy collaborative platform for mobility between Spain and Senegal

Código del proyecto: TIC11-2015

The aim of the project is to encourage the mobility migration based on concepts of collaborative and participatory economy consumption. Specifically a web site and a mobile app system will promote the concept of carsharing but based on migration flows between Spain and Senegal (constant migratory flows that exist in reality). The conclusions drawn in this project allows us to apply and adapt this product to other routes between Europe and Africa too.

Is part of this project the company Acento Communication which has a multidisciplinary team in close contact with the Senegalese community of Granada.

University of Granada researchers:

  • Cabrera Cuevas, Marcelino
  • Montes Soldado, Rosana (coord.)
  • Sanchez López, Ana Mª
  • Villar Castro, Pedro