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So you can get to know us, we present ourselves: we are Augustin Ndour, Senegalese, and Gustavo Gomez, Spanish. We have met making a short film. We became friends. And together we started this project. For similar reasons:



“When you decide to leave your home and culture, it is a due to a pure survival instinct. I usually insist a lot that the right of not having to emigrate is prevalent. But it’s to right to emigrate is something that everyone should have. Human being is enjoying the freedom, not worrying about emigrating or not. This is what human being has always done from really back in its history, being Asian, African or European. It was always because of a survival instinct, personal or collective”.
“Well, I feel great in Granada but when I think about my wife and kids who are in Dakar…”


“I wanted to join what is personal with the professional. On the one hand, I have always admired the strength that the emigrants show when it come to making their ways in places which are different from their homelands. On the other hand, developing applications in my study, I’ve found their globalist power. Ours have been downloaded in 160 different countries. This is why; I couldn’t stop thinking about what app would come in handy for the migrants. Especially, when I saw this:…

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You can find more about us here and here.

Facilitate mobility of migrants. Therefore, we have launched Teranga GO!: a social network that connects people, mostly migrants, who share car journeys between their home and residence countries.
Teranga is a Wolof word for hospitality. Senegal is the country of hospitality. This project has marked its DNA that philosophy and adds last name GO! because the movement conditions us. So we add a phase we admire and share:
“We always end up getting where we expected” (Book of routes).

Is there a better mood to set out on a trip?

A multidisciplinary team of experts in different disciplines back us up in the development of the initiative. If there is a word that could define every and each one, that word is commitment. A commitment to make life easier for people forced to live and co-live in a different place from their homelands. In an unaccustomed land: http://bit.ly/1elAEYK